Strengthen The Mind?

Logo BrainHealth and fitness have become huge topics of interest recently, and rightly so. We are all finally waking up and realizing that every action we take has a consequence on our well-being. However, although we are making great strides in the right direction, we saw some glaring problems that needed to be resolved:

  1. Although we are becoming much more cognizant about our physical health, we aren’t putting enough focus on mental health and we see this play out daily. At Strengthen The Mind, we know that no matter where you may be in life, mental health is something that can always be improved no matter what.
  2. The brain is one of the most amazing tools at our disposal, but it is drastically underutilized. There are countless ways we can improve our brain power including being more efficient with our work, increasing our focus, hastening our ability to learn and countless others. All that’s required is a willingness to try new things.
  3. The amount of ‘fake’ advice on the internet for personal gain is unacceptable. Especially with the amount of research available to the public. With that said, some things do just ‘work’ and may never have a study done on them, but each of these instances must be taken with caution.

So, here’s our mission: use science to empower everybody who is willing to learn in a way that will improve mental health, boost the power of the brain, and consequently improve happiness and fulfillment.

With backgrounds in science, we hope to crack open all of the useful information buried in the primary literature and make it available to anybody, regardless of background. We believe that everyone can benefit from real research and confide in its truth to change lives.

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