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Being hyperactive means being abnormal or more active than the ‘norm’. More importantly, when we apply this to our health we are bringing extra awareness to the activities and habits that affect our livelihood and wellbeing.  We are hyperactive for the simple reason that, for decades now, our culture has neglected the value of health. Whether this condition is the consequence of the laziness, lobbying efforts by food corporations, incorrect government instruction, or incomplete data, you have a choice.

This brings us to the question “what is health?” We’re not just talking about the state of being free from physical illness or disease. Although preventing disease and illness is essential to health, there’s far more to it. This encompasses body, mind, and spirit. Good health is a dynamic relationship between physical, mental, and social well-being. While the journey may not be easy, with the correct tools and knowledge you can achieve this.

The internet harbors a variety of countless influencers. As humans, we understand that not everybody represents good health, no matter how famous, powerful or popular people perceive them. This is where we enter, with the goal of delivering you unbiased tools and information to heighten your health physically, mentally, and socially.

When we assert unbiased tools and information, we are referring to sound scientific study and research. Sure we might give advice if something unusual has helped us, but researchers all over the world are investigating what helps us, and what hurts us. Not all research is sound, and even sound research may get misinterpreted to create a better headline. In contrast, that will never happen here. Although research can uncover a lot about our health as humans, it’s important to listen to your body. Everybody is different and the best experiment is you and your own body. In other words, do what feels right for you. For example, perhaps you want to lose fat. Choosing a workout routine that has been shown to be more effective for losing fat would seem smart right? Well, perhaps you don’t enjoy that workout at all. This may lead you to dislike the routine and not stick with it, rendering it less effective as the workout routine you enjoy.

In conclusion, being the best version of you is what motivates us at HyperActive Health. We all have potential to spread joy in this world. This starts by loving and taking care of yourself.

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