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Restful Sleep

Techniques and Supplements For a Better Night’s Sleep

All of us have had trouble getting good sleep at some point. If this happens on the regular, it can actually be very detrimental to quality of life and general health. Follow these tips to improve your sleep quality.

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Write Your Anxiety Away: How To Effectively Use Journaling to Reduce Anxiety

Many of us are struggling with overwhelming stress and anxiety without an effective way to cope. Journaling is a proven way to help that can be done by anybody. This is part one of a series on reducing stress and anxiety.

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The Profound Benefits of Qigong on Strength & Well-Being

I was compelled to learn more after listening to Chris Holder, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Cal Poly in California talk about qigong and the potential benefits to strength training. For the record, Chris Holder holds a doctorate in Medical Qigong (DMQ-China). He also works with athletes from the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Chris speaks of a study in which he co-authored, showing athletes who participated in a 6-week qigong practice (15 minutes a day) along with weight lifting achieved greater strength gains

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