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Supercharge Your Brain With Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Strapping a headset on and pulsing electricity through your brain may seem like a fringe technique reserved only for extreme bio-hackers, but a large body of evidence shows it is for everyone. With Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, we can actually improve our mental health and cognitive performance in many different ways.

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A Lifelong Habit for Increasing Empathy & More

Deep down it’s as if we know reading is good for us, yet the majority of us don’t read books very often. In fact, about a quarter of American adults said they haven’t touched a book in the last year. Reading is one of the absolute best techniques to learn, hands down. When you make […]

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Can Your Parent’s DNA Make You More Susceptible to PTSD?

Everyone deals with trauma differently, but new research shows that trauma experienced by your parents may alter their DNA and get passed on to you. Can this affect your risk for developing PTSD?

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nature for overcoming anxiety and vitality

Our Innate Hunger For Nature and How it Affects Mental Health

Many of us spend our days, weeks, and months trapped inside the concrete jungles we call cities. While this holds many benefits, we need nature if we wish to overcome anxiety and depression along with maintaining our vitality.

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cognitive behavioral therapy

Panic Attacks: What They Are and How To Overcome Them

Living in fear of panic attacks can greatly diminish quality of life. However, overcoming them can be difficult especially if you don’t know much about them. Learn about the causes of a panic attack, what happens during one, and how mental health experts suggest you overcome them.

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Defeat Fear by Facing It

One of the most natural instincts we have when fear develops is to avoid it in an attempt at self-preservation. However, this will only hurt us in the long run. Learn what mental health experts have to say about how to face and conquer fear.

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Restructure Your Thoughts to Overvome Fear

For most of us, fear comes from having trouble assessing true threats coupled with poor coping mechanisms for when this happens. We may ruminate about these thoughts and hold onto the fear which will inevitably decrease our state of mental health and quality of life in general. To solve this, here are some techniques from mental health experts to decrease your fear through cognitive restructuring.

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Psychedelics Show Medicinal Promise & Researchers Want Legality

The legal classification of psychedelic substances has created controversy for decades, cost trillions of dollars, and countless lives, but with recent scientific advancements, controversy has expanded. Researchers have been discovering incredibly beneficial effects provoked by the use of substances such as psilocybin, MDMA, DMT, and LSD. At the same time, government legal classifications all over the world describe many psychedelics as having no benefits and opponents of legalization claim these substances can be dangerous.

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