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5 Ways Journaling Boosts Success By Reducing Anxiety

We are all trying to achieve our own version of success, but anxiety and stress can slow us down. Here’s how to solve this with journaling.

11 Powerful Ways Intermittent Fasting Strengthens Your Brain

Intermittent fasting may seem like another fad diet, but the amount of research supporting its benefits for the brain will ensure that it’s here to stay.

A Meditation Tip: Using Positive Reinforcement to Boost Our Meditation Practice

Is your meditation practice stalling? Maybe you’re lacking motivation or having a hard time committing to sitting. While there is certainly no such concept of a ‘bad’ meditation session, there is a simple yet profound positive feedback loop that you can use to reinforce meditating and drastically improve your focus. If you’re not already using it you should be.

5 Steps To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying

Having a fear of flying can isolate you from family, halt your career, and keep you from your dreams of travel. Here are 5 steps I took to overcome my own aerophobia.

Meditation or Superpowers? A Simple Case For the Greatest Life Hack

I notice a significant amount of jargon when I read blog posts about meditation and mindfulness. Not that there aren’t great meditation blogs out there, there certainly are. However, a great deal of the information I come across appears to be fashionable and trendy. On one hand, this is great, spreading awareness about these topics […]

How the Gut Controls the Mind and Heals the Brain

The gut microbiome plays an undeniably large role in general health, but the connection to the brain is still being discovered. Read more to discover how the gut contributes to mental health and the brain.

The Link Between Tylenol and ADHD

We think of Tylenol and the active ingredient in it (acetaminophen) as being benign except for curing a fever and mild pain. However, more and more research is showing that, when taken by pregnant mothers, it could possible affect the new child’s risk for ADHD.

Two Super Supplements To Combat Reactive Oxygen Species In The Brain

When it comes to supplements for the brain, turmeric and resveratrol are two superheroes. They defend against reactive oxygen species and also reduce inflammation, both of which can lead to chronic disease.

Why Alzheimer’s Disease Can Be Called “Type 3 Diabetes” and How to Prevent It

Alzheimer’s Disease was always somewhat mystical to me. I thought that as we age, some people were just unlucky and got it. New science, however, is starting to point toward lifestyle choices as risk factors for Alzheimer’s which shifts the entire conversation. So much so that it is even being called “Type 3 Diabetes”. Read more to learn about the condition as well as how you can lower your own risk.

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