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What happens to the rest of our body has a direct effect on our minds. Here are some outside-the-brain articles.

Burn Fat? Improve Endurance? Fight Depression? Meet Rhodiola.

The herb grows at high altitudes in arctic areas surrounding Asia and Eastern Europe. The Vikings used this herb for strength and the Sherpas used it to help climb high altitudes including Mt. Everest. If you’re wanting a boost in cognition, strength or endurance, and a decrease in stress I suggest you read on.

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Does HIIT Live Up to the Hype And is it Right For You?

So it seems, whether your goal is simply upping your fitness level, preventing cardiovascular disease, strengthening muscle, optimally losing fat or keeping your blood sugar in check, HIIT may be right for you. But, like I said before there’s no one exercise fits all, likewise let’s dig into the research around high-intensity interval training and go over some of the advantages and… yes, disadvantages to see if it lives up to the hype.

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